Mister Modular supplies modular classrooms to Heamoor School

Heamoor School is a primary school in Penzance with an aim to inspire brilliance through example and encouragement and help children to succeed.

The school approached Mister Modular seeking expert advice for their requirement of two modular classrooms and WC facilities.


The first challenge involved determining the feasibility of installing a modular building with two classrooms and shared WC facilities in the preferred front playground.

The dimensions of the building needed to be smaller than the rear playground, and the installation required overcoming limited access issues.

The second challenge was to assess if this installation could be completed within a short span of time over the Easter Holidays, when it was most convenient with students off.


To address the challenges, a comprehensive and efficient approach was taken by Mister Modular to ensure the task could be pulled off within a limited timeline.

Mister Modular project manager Mike Norris visited the school to take measurements and engaged a crane provider to assess the viability of lifting the modular units into position.

Collaboration with supply partners, such as Pickerings Hire, was initiated to discuss the availability and dimensions of the modules, considering the limitations of the playground area.

Confirmation that both challenges could be overcome opened the door for further planning. A series of sequenced steps were implemented promptly to meet the tight timescales.

Ground pressure bearing tests were conducted to ensure the playground could support the modules directly on the surface using Jack Pads, a time-saving product eliminating the need for excavations or support piers.

The dimensions were marked out to ensure emergency routes remained accessible, and additional features such as an access ramp and steps were introduced, all while preserving playing space.

Scheduling became a critical aspect of the solution, involving the delivery of Jack Pads and modules, coordinating the availability of the installation team and the crane, and ensuring prompt delivery of components for the access ramp and steps once the modules were in position.

Simultaneously, a straightforward solution for introducing and connecting to mains services was devised, and contractors were coordinated to undertake necessary works promptly.


Despite the tight timeline of just eight working days, including the Easter weekend, the project was successfully completed. The keys were handed over to the school, allowing them to introduce furniture and other items before the children returned after their holiday.

The temporary facilities, comprising a modular building with two classrooms and shared WC facilities, have received nothing but positive feedback from school staff, who we’re delighted with the end result.

The new space offers a light and airy teaching environment, meeting the school’s immediate needs and providing a viable solution within the specified constraints.

Phil Martin, Business Development Manager – Pickerings Hire:

“As one of our supply partners with whom we collaborate in Cornwall and Devon, Mike’s experience and knowledge of scheduling made this a simple project for us to support his requirements.”

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