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Modular building construction can feel overwhelming.

Faced with a modular build, you know what you’re trying to achieve but not how to do it. And with so many unknowns to think about, it’s no wonder that feels overwhelming.

Do you worry about…

  • Potential issues not being recognised and planned for before construction starts?
  • Deadlines being missed?
  • Specifications that need to be changed after the building is commissioned?
  • Costs spiralling out of control?
  • Managing multiple contractors?

Well, the good news is, with the right support and planning, your build can be as smooth and seamless from concept to completion.

We do things differently

Vital elements of your build are budget and timings, and we take that seriously. So having advised on erecting hundreds of modular buildings, we’ve developed a process that’s worked for others, and it’ll work for you too.

As an independent advisor, I am not constrained by the type of building that we can offer. This means that whether you choose to build, refurbish, or hire we can offer impartial advice to make sure you get the right building for your site and needs.

A common mistake when planning a modular building is not taking into consideration the logistics of the build.

At Mister Modular, we’ll be thinking about these things before the build even starts. That means fewer delays, better cost control and no unwanted surprises. Let’s ward off potentially expensive issues before they arise.

Much of the frustration with any build stems from communication and the need to negotiate with multiple contractors. We provide a single point of contact and regular communications so you always feel in control.

Whatever your sector, we can help

Office space

Enhancing retail locations with versatile and cost-effective solutions


Providing flexible and affordable options for centres of education


Smart solutions for temporary and fixed commercial spaces

I’m Mike.

After 25 years of specialising in modular buildings, I know how stressful the unknowns of prefab construction can be. It’s a very different process from the conventional building. Get it right, and putting up a prefab building can be relatively stress-free, fast and cost-effective. Get it wrong, and you’ll end up with endless headaches, missed deadlines and budget overspends.

But that needn’t be you.

With modular buildings, getting everything right from the planning stage is key. And that’s what I’m here to help you do. I’ll ask lots of questions, join the dots and have a transparent approach to timescales and budgets. So you’ll always know what needs to happen, what it costs, and how long it will take. No unnecessary surprises.

So choose to construct your building with confidence and control by booking your FREE consultation now. It’s the best place to start.

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Are you construction-ready?

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