Mister Modular benefits from additional industry expertise

With over 28 years of experience in the modular industry, Mike Norris, the owner of Mister Modular, has successfully secured a diverse range of projects spanning various industries such as education, healthcare, construction, retail, and beyond.

Now, with a multitude of exciting new projects on the horizon, Mister Modular has brought on board Jan Strickland, leveraging expertise to support the management and delivery of projects throughout the UK.

 “Embarking on my journey in the modular building industry at the tender age of 21, I found myself at Britspace as a trainee estimator back in 2002. Despite lacking experience, it became evident from the outset that this field was my true ‘calling’.

In 2005, fuelled by passion and ambition, I ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding a small manufacturing enterprise specialising in jackleg cabins. With minimal resources, we defied odds, achieving a remarkable turnover of 1 million. It was a testament to our dedication and determination.

Throughout my 22-year tenure, I’ve had the privilege to contribute to diverse projects spanning the healthcare sector, educational institutions, and construction endeavours. From inception to execution, I’ve orchestrated each venture with precision, handling procurement and project management with finesse.

Now, as I embark on a new chapter with Mister Modular, I am filled with excitement to pioneer fresh milestones and conquer new horizons.”

– Jan Strickland on her new position with Mister Modular.

The Mister Modular team is thrilled to welcome Jan on board, eagerly anticipating the invaluable support and industry insights she’ll offer to both our staff and clients.

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